blog, blogging, blogger, time, moneyFirst before I get started, ask yourself if you have this mind set when it comes to blogging:
  • It’s a nice to have, not a must have

  • I blog, but my posts are infrequent – clients come first

  • My blog is my voice, I take it very personal so I spend a lot of time perfecting each post – sometimes delaying posts for weeks

If you identified with any one of these, this article is for you. All of the above impede your ability to post consistently for results. This goes for blogging on your own site as well as contributing to authority blogs in your industry. For a great overview on how guest blogging can grow your business, check out this new article from The Social Ms: “How to Tap Into the Power of Guest Blogging.

ROI #1: Leads and Traffic.

If leads are just nice to have, then this ROI may stump you. Blogging has become a great way to boost your SEO organically and you can’t argue with that.

According to Hubspot’s blog, “How Often Should Companies Blog” (April 2015) shows business-to-business companies with 1-10 employees who publish 11+ posts per month see 3 times more traffic, and twice as many leads as those publishing only 6-10 times per month. It’s proof that blogging can drive both traffic and leads.

The more you blog, the more traffic you will generate but only as long as you post consistently and on topic with what services or product you offer—or the problems that you solve. That doesn’t mean self-promotion of your products, but support what you sell by offering tips, best practices, new ideas and innovational thinking. Write content that is so good, people don’t know why you aren’t charging for it. Doing so will boost your reputation both online and offline.

ROI #2: Engagement

According to Pushing Social, blogging at least every 7 days is key but many of us only want to post either when we have time or when we have something to say. It’s good rationale to have, but it may not be working to your advantage. For example, if your competitor is posting weekly and you are still staggering around once a month…followers may think your business has gone stale. Or you’ve lost vision or even passion for what you do. That’s not a reputation you can afford to have.

Commit to once a week, even if you have to outsource it for the heavy lifting. A few dollars is worth getting it done while you are working with clients. Be sure to ask readers to comment on specifics in your articles and offer their own two cents. There is still nothing worse than a blog with no comments or interaction. That’s where sales can come in. If someone cares enough to comment, they may be contemplating your product or service if they haven’t already.

ROI #3: Social Shares

Don’t just write your posts, share them. You want your posts to go as viral as possible. Posting just to your site isn’t enough—It’s still the value of push vs. pull. It’s hard to get visitors to your site daily or weekly, but if they follow you on Twitter or you push out an email sharing your weeks post, or a monthly round up of articles, that will get more readers and additional shares. But be sure to simply share them on social media, do not try to post the same article on multiple sites as this will hurt your SEO rather than boost it. Google doesn’t like duplicate content and can negatively impact your rankings.

Final Tip:   I get that writing a blog is time consuming and seemingly personal to you and your brand. But stop obsessing over every word or every article to the point of delaying posts. We all have OCD tendencies but when it comes to your blog its OK if every article isn’t perfect. That’s why there will be another day, another post. It’s your blog, not an obituary.

At Clientraction we offer blogging services to keep you posting each and every week, or more often based on the needs of your business. For a blogging consult, email me at

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