Yep. We said it. Social media and blogging are a waste of your time and revenue. Emphasis is on YOUR.

Social media and blogging should be an important part of your marketing plan. But as a client-based business, your revenue is dependent on billable client work. By outsourcing your social media, you not only put the work into a specialists hands who can increase your activity, engagement and overall strategy, but you free up your time to work directly with clients.

We did our research and found that for the average consultant or client-based business who bills out at $150 or more, is significantly hindering both their time and potential revenue by holding their social media and blogging activities too tightly.  Many business owners are still trying to balance their marketing with running their business.  But the reality it, you can offset the cost of outsourcing and actually save because your revenue potential increases when you free up your own time to work with clients.

So, for a business owner earning $150 per hour and spending 2 hours a week on a 500 word article, that’s potentially $1200 to $1500 a month in lost revenue, or $18,000 every year.

At Clientraction, we have a team of expert writers who do the same for $350 a month. (4 articles per month at 500 words each) That’s a cost saving of nearly $16,600 every single year.

Now let’s compare that to the savings you could be making for your social media marketing…

According to AdWeek, the average user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms.

If there are 260 workdays in a given year, and 1.72 hours each day is spent on social media at a lost billable rate of $150, that’s 447.2 hours per year, or a potential loss of $67,000 in revenue.

At Clientraction, we offer LinkedIN and Twitter daily posts/shares starting at only $199 per month. That’s a small investment of $2,388 per year, and a potential saving of over $64,000 a year of your billable time

When you combine the cost savings of both your social media management and blogging, not only does it free up nearly 35% of your time to focus on the business, but you’ll make a potential saving of $80,000 every year. That’s more time on billable hours, or more time spent meeting with hot prospects face-to-face.

Now, what is more of a challenge for you as a business owner? Giving up control, or giving up revenue? Put a strategic marketer in charge of your social media and blogging. Doing so will guarantee they put the right process in place to ensure quality, on-point topic selection, and a consistent strategy that drives interactions for your business, every single day.

View the full infographic below. For more details, be sure to also read our eBook: Why Social Media and Blogging Are a Waste of Time and Revenue. Request your copy HERE

Why Social Media and Blogging

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