Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.07.06 PMAs a client-based business, you already know you need to demonstrate your ideas, expertise, and proven results through social media and blogging. There’s no doubt about it. But is it really the best use of your time?

Chances are you are impeding your productivity and potential revenue by holding your social media and blogging activity too tightly. As the business owner, self-administering your social media and blogging is a waste of time and revenue.

Most business advisors we work with, struggle to balance client loads with marketing their own business. Both are a necessity and bring you revenue in one way, shape or form. But when you bill out at $150 or more per hour, is your time best spent on billable work or twittering away? And will you realistically be able to achieve both, day-in and day-out?

Why fear change, when you can have it all

Most business owners fall short on their marketing, taking weeks or months to complete their next post. Marketing can be a tedious, time-consuming task, but by outsourcing you can get those hours back and save thousands of dollars in the process.

But how?

We are all familiar with companies such as ADP,, and for outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services. But did you know, outsourced accounting has proven to save companies up to 60% on overheads, instead of doing it in-house.

So why wouldn’t you outsource your social media and blog marketing? If you trust someone with your finances, you can trust someone with your brand. We’ve conducted our own studies and the results were astounding – outsourcing your social media can save you at least 35% of your time. Now just think about that in terms of potential profits you’re currently losing.

Ask yourself, how long do you currently spend researching topics, creating each piece of content, gathering images and quotes, and editing before publishing? Just think about how much time you could save for bigger projects by outsourcing the little things.

Letting go is difficult – we understand that. It’s by far the biggest objection by any business owner. You may be afraid that by outsourcing your social media and blogging, this could mean you lose control, quality, and even considerable costs if not managed correctly.

As an example, lets look at blog writing. According to Hubspot’s blog, “How Often Should Companies Blog” (April 2015) shows business-to-busi- ness companies with 1-10 employees who publish 11+ posts per month see 3 times more tra c, and twice as many leads as those publishing only 6-10 times per month. It’s proof that blogging can drive both tra c and leads.

At 11 articles per month, that’s 22 hours a month you can’t a ord to lose on client work. It’s potentially $39,000 out of your pocket when you could invest as little as $100 per article— only $13,200 per year for 3x more traffic and leads than you most likely have today.

At Clientraction, we offer 4 articles per month starting at only $350.  Not only can you afford it, you can’t afford to not outsource.

To read more, request our ebook “Why Social Media and Blogging Are a Waste of Time and Revenue”  HERE

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