Social Media StrategyI wish I had a dollar for every business owner who came to me stating, “I need a social media strategy” but didn’t have any idea why.

I will even be the first to admit, as a business-to-business marketer, I’ve been a late adopter for my clients. There still aren’t breakthrough results in B2B that social is impacting revenue. But I do believe it drives the foundation of any marketing plan by giving you a voice, an online presence, and followers to warm and later convert.

In client-based businesses, we are employed for results, and social channels are a great place to showcase them. Here are my 4 top tips to keep in mind before you launch into being social:

First don’t be social for social sake.

Make sure your prospects are social first and where. If you’re a business broker, your potential clients may not be looking for your services on Pinterest or Instagram so don’t bother. Stay focused on LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ for example. YouTube is actually getting big kudos for attracting executive attention these days.

Lead and Follow

Once you commit to a medium, follow as much as you lead. I’ve found the more I follow other experts, and tweet or share their articles, the more followers I get who in turn read my unique content when it comes. But again keep it manageable. It’s easy to get caught up in in 5 or more social platforms to start. Try to just pick 2-3 do them well, and branch out when the time arises.

Consistency is King 

Sure content still matters, but consistency in posting will also give you credibility. It won’t help you to post once a month or every 6 months, it simply won’t drive any attention. You can sometimes get your points across in short 400 word posts as much as you can in an 800-word post.

Keep it Relevant

It won’t help you to be on a social medium if you aren’t going to have theme posts and intriguing dialogue for your niche. For example, if you use LinkedIn, are you participating with articles and in groups? No one really wants to read your profile, as much as they care about what you can potentially do for them. Contributing articles and respectable comments will tell more about what you do, how you do it and your expertise than your listed work history.

In all, just remember, you don’t have to be everywhere, just one or two of the right places for your ideal client. As a small to medium business owner, your time is just as precious as your money. But there are also tools like Buffer, Sprout Social and Hootsuite to help manage multiple outlets.

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